"עם ישראל חי"

These days, "Regrowth" holds a special meaning for the Jewish people. More than ever, now is the time to find the strength to rehabilitate, get stronger, and even prosper. "Seeds of hope" is a joint venture of the Ministry for Diaspora Affairs and Combatting Anti-Semitism and the JNF to bring a messege of hope and renewal to the Jewish world this TU Bishvat.

These days, "Regrowth" holds a special meaning for the Jewish people. More than ever, now is the time to find the strength to rehabilitate, get stronger, and even prosper. "Seeds of hope" is a joint venture of the Ministry for Diaspora Affairs and Combatting Anti-Semitism and the JNF to bring a messege of hope and renewal to the Jewish world this TU Bishvat.

The Spirit of Israeli Heroism - Secondary School

A series of 10 short video clips (60-90 seconds) about civil heroes who saved lives during the October 7th Massacre


Educational Lessons and Materials for Tu B'shvat

"Tree of Wishes"

Dear Teacher: We invite you and your students to join UnitEd’s "Tree of Wishes" project.
Send us your studnets' wishes for the hostages in Gaza - they will be presented in a special installation - a "Tree of Wishes" from children all aorund the world.

Growing Together: Tu BiShvat, Trees, and Healing After Hard Times

This lesson introduces elementary school students to Tu BiShvat, the Jewish "New Year for Trees," and its significance in healing and community resilience, particularly following the difficult events of October 7th. (Elementary School)

Exploring Resilience and Recovery: Tu BiShvat and Environmental Stewardship

Students will explore Tu BiShvat in the context of resilience and recovery following the October 7th tragedy. This Jewish "New Year for Trees" will serve as a platform to discuss environmental stewardship in Jewish tradition and modern ecology. (High School)


An interactive game aobut Tu Bishvat to play with your class.

Seder Tu Bishvat

A program to hold, with students ot families, a special Tu Bishvat Seder.

Tu Bishvat Webinar

Join us on January 17th for a free webinar on our educaitonal materials for Tu Bishvat. New lesson plans, kahoot game, Tu B'Shvat Seder for elementary and middle school students Several educational materials, games, and experiences Access to multiple resources

Israel & Water Innovation

The catastrophic global effects of climate change affect us all. Israeli innovators are rising to the challenge and are tackling sustainability head on.

"Tree of Wishes"

Dear Teacher:

We invite you to have your students  join UnitEd’s “Tree of Wishes” project.

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Or Livni

She is the first female infantry officer in the IDF and on Saturday 10/7 she fought with courage. As soon as the fighting began, she responded to the call and divided the fighting forces between the kibbutzim under attack.
She led a force in the Sufa outpost that eliminated 15 terrorists and captured many more. On Sunday she continued to fight and led a battle against the infiltration of terrorists into Kibbutz Yated. Since then, she has been there, continuing to lead soldiers with courage.

Linoy Elezra

How do you answer a child who calls and says that his parents were murdered? Linoy, a senior MDA medic, received a chilling call on the morning of October 7th. Nine-year-old Michael from Kibbutz Kfar Gaza, called to find out how he could help his parents, but there was no longer a way to help. Calmly, Linoy instructed him how to take his 6 years old sister Amalia and look for a hiding place. Linoy calmed them down and explained how to get into the closet in the safe room, and to wait there until good people arrived. She promised Michael that whenever he was afraid, he could call again. Throughout the morning the calls to the hotline continued and Linoy did not forget Michael and Amalia. They were released later that evening by the Yahalom unit. Michael and Amalia were saved thanks to Linoy’s courage. Their little sister Abigail, three years old, was kidnapped to Gaza.

Machol Shosh

How do you face this unbearable dilemma – to save your dying husband or to protect your children?
With one hand she tries to tend to her husband Noi, a member of the unittrained to guard and defend Beeri, their kibbutz, who is suffering from an arterial occlusion after being shot by the terrorists. With the other hand she tries to calm her three children. When the house catches fire, she realizes that she has to leave Noi to open a window in the safe room and get her children out.
Calmly, Machol equips herself with Noi’s personal weapon and goes out to protect her children, emptying a cartridge at her husband’s murderers. Fifteen minutes later Syeret Matkal manages to rescue her and her children.

Shoshana Mali

Shoshana has worked for years in the Sderot Police force, everyone recognizes her. That morning she came to the police station when the alarms sounded.
Suddenly a message was received, “Terrorists have entered the city”. Shoshana looks out and sees terrorists approaching the police station. She does not hesitate and starts shooting at them; she throws back at the terrorists a grenade thrown towards her.
During the fighting, Shoshana was shot in her hand, but she did not stop fighting, until the moment she ran out of ammunition. Minutes go by and the terrorists managed to find Shoshana and the other policemen who pretend to be dead.
At this point, the Yamam fighters open fire on the terrorists and Shoshana manages to raise her hand with her last ounce of strength to call for help and is evacuated under fire.
Shoshana fought for her life and the lives of her friends; she is a symbol of the heroism of the officers at the Sderot Police station.

Michaela Koretsky

“Are you home? Can I bring you a wounded man?’
Michaela, a midwife and nurse at Kibbutz Alumim, was not used to this type of work. She ran to get first aid kits, dressings and transfusions.
As the fighting in the kibbutz continued, she continued to treat the wounded. She hadn’t yet finished with her first patient and another one arrived. She does not lose her cool and continues to work under tremendous pressure. While her children, and grandparents are in the safe room, Michaela’s home became a field hospital.
Her role as a midwife is to help bring life into this world. On that horrible Black Sabbath there were those who were reborn, thanks to her.

Daria Karp

Daria is only 10 years old. Her father Dvir and his girlfriend Stav were murdered at the entrance to the safe room in their home in Kibbutz Reim. Her father was trying to protect her and her brother with an ax. For many hours she hid in the safe room with her little brother who is on the autistic spectrum and kept quiet,
coping with all her fears. She waited for help and spoke in whispers on the phone to her mother. Only after a few hours a neighbor with a gun arrived and stayed with them until they were rescued.

Camille Vnezia

Camille bought two worlds and a share in the world to come for a thousand shekels.
With extraordinary resourcefulness and composure, Camille saved her own life and the life of ninety-fiveyear old Nitza from Kibbutz Nirim, whom she cares for.
When the terrorists arrived at the safe room where Camille and Nitza were hiding, she offered the terrorists all her money and property.
The murderers accepted her offer and left them alive, trembling and scared. Nitza celebrated her nineth-fifth birthday because of Camille’s great resourcefulness.

Lieutenant Ilan Elharar

When the lead commander was injured, Ilan realized she was the commander in the field. An operations officer of the 13th Battalion in Golani, Ilan was the one who managed the base’s headquarters in Nahal Oz. About one hundred terrorists infiltrated the base early in the morning under the cover of a missile attack. Ilan gathered the troops in a safe room and ran to the headquarters from which she conducted the battle. When she realized that the forces coming to help were first assigned to the civilians on kibbutzim, she put tanks into positions and called up helicopters, working with them on locating targets. After four hours of fighting, the terrorists surrounded the headquarters and managed to lob grenades inside; these exploded and caught fire. Ilan encouraged everyone to take a risk and attempt an escape; she and other soldiers ran to a bathroom where she remembered that there were windows without bars, searching for the windows through heavy smoke. Six soldiers managed to escape through the two windows; together they hid in the bushes and made contact with special rescue forces. Altogether, about seventy soldiers were saved, thanks to the fighters and tank forces that defended them and the rescue forces that eliminated the remaining terrorists.

Sergeant Eden Alon Levy

You could not miss Eden’s energy.
Not when she danced with all her might, in the South Sharon Youth Band and at every possible opportunity, and not when she commanded the new recruits whom she loved so much.
The same energy shone through in her final battle.
When roughly ten terrorists armed with RPGs, grenades, and guns infiltrated her base, Eden and other commanders stood at the gate, guarding the base in a heroic battle. They managed to prevent the base from being overtaken and saved some one hundred soldiers.
Eden, who loved the army with all her heart, was planning to apply to become a pilot in the air force, having resolved that it was another goal she had not yet achieved.

Tamar Tropiashvili

Heroism has been redefined since that that dark day. We faced challenges we never dreamed we would have. Little children’s hearts were broken with every new siren sounding as they lay in bed. Each and every one of us, big and small, is heartbroken.
One girl never leaves my mind. Tamar Tropiashvili from Ashdod, sacrificed her tender heart in the inferno of alarms and anxiety. May her memory be blessed.

Inbal Lieberman

Inbal doesn’t think she’s a hero, and doesn’t want to be treated like one. From her perspective, she did what she had to do. Just twenty-five years old, Inbal was an anomaly: the only female head of security in all the kibbutzim in the Gaza envelope. In real time, she functioned calmly, recognizing the threat, immediately distributing weapons to the members of the kibbutz protection squad, and conducting an hours-long battle—at the end of which the terrorists were defeated and Kibbutz Nir Am remained unscathed.

Home-front Heroines

Heroines. There is no other word for it.
Not one, not two, but tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands.
The whole home rests on their shoulders and, instead of complaining, they inform him, on the other front, that everything is calm.
They don’t tell him about the fears and difficulty, only the longing.
They have no ranks because there are no ranks for juggling laundry and work, breastfeeding and soothing, routine and chaos.
They are unsung heroes, and if you look towards your neighbor’s house, one of them is probably sitting there drinking coffee, at the end of another day of fighting. What a heroine.

Hadar Bacher

Inbal doesn’t think she’s a hero, and doesn’t want “I was raised to be happy and optimistic, and that’s how I wish myself and my family to stay.” She remained optimistic and strong. Thirteen-year-old Hadar from Kibbutz Beeri continued to send locations and guidelines to the security forces, as if from a small unimagined headquarters, even after her mother and brother Carmel were murdered and her father was wounded—even after she herself was wounded.
After her rescue, while hospitalized, she remained optimistic; she firmly believes that better days are on the horizon.

Valerie Dickstein

Valerie and her family were visiting Israel from Ukraine when Hamas terrorists began the horrific massacre on October 7. Since then, she has volunteered with the Zaka organization in the south. She works tirelessly, day and night, in the dark and the heat. Together with hundreds of righteous Zaka volunteers, she grants final respect to the murdered.


Amit Man

Six hours.
Six hours during which she did not stop treating the wounded,
Six hours during which she did not lose hope,
Six hours during which she cried for help Amit Man, an MDA paramedic, treated the wounded in Kibbutz Beeri with dedication and heroism, while the sounds of gunfire and missiles around her and the voices of the murderers drew ever closer. Together with a nurse and a dentist, at the kibbutz dental clinic, she did everything she could to save everyone, as she has done since age thirteen—until the vile terrorists’ bullets hit her, too.

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