Global Incubator Program

UnitEd-MindCET Teacherpreneurship Global Incubator Program

This site spotlights 10 projects developed through the UnitEd-MindCET Teacherpreneurship Global Incubator Program of 20 educators from across the world.  These MVPs (Minimum viable products) are the result of training of entrepreneurial educators trained in business models to consider solutions to education challenges. Educators are invited to examine these projects and consider their relevance in addressing their own needs and providing their own feedback and insights to help grow these and improve these projects.

The UnitEd-MindCET Teacherpreneurship Global Incubator Program takes educators from around the world to develop innovative Edtech solutions and become early adopters of innovative EdTech tools. MindCET, experts in the intersection between education and technology, in partnership with UnitEd, have shared the Israeli entrepreneurial culture with Jewish educational institutions around the world to establish a global Jewish entrepreneurial network promoting Edtech innovation and connections to Israel’s startup ecosystem.

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Transforming Jewish education

Creating Learning

Creating Learning Solutions For A Changing Reality Global Teacherpreneurship Program for Jewish Educators

Enriching the Jewish EdTech ecosystem

Network of Jewish EdTech. development and testing of educational solutions. We will design a precise product development process, which bridges the gap between the various fields of expertise. ​

Design-develop-test process

The design-develop-test process is iterative, with the goal of learning from user-generated data in real-time, throughout the entire process. This approach allows for flexibility and quick response time, which enable the rapid evaluation and development of new ideas. Throughout the entire process teachers receive pedagogical and professional mentoring, according to the distinctive needs of each project.

Minimum Viable Product

Ronit Amihude

Adapt your Hebrew text into three different levels.

Seth Guren, Debbie ezra, Simon Adam Rinkoff

Find, Learn, Create and Share inspiring lessons
for your Jewish classroom.
InspirED connects your classroom to amazing Jewish content
using the newest EdTech tools.

Daniel Meyer , Rafael Croitoru Azamor

We know (we are teachers just like Ü) how difficult it is for Ü to teach Hebrew in the diaspora when Ü have many different levels of Hebrew in the same classroom. Sefer4Ü is a tool to create a moment where all your students will study together but at their own level and feel that they have succeeded. 

Jennifer Disler , Shosh Hill

Here at Ed-IT, we understand the difficulties faced by you, the incredible, hard-working, devoted Jewish Studies teachers.  We have created Ed-IT to save you time and to enable you to plan engaging activities for your pupils that will ensure they are immersed in their Jewish learning.

Gabriela Szwarc, Katia Fermon Reva

Introducing a learning tool that will engage students in classes about Jewish history and Israel.

A new meaningful learning experience that will inspire students to connect and reach a deeper understanding of Jewish History through an adventure quest!

Merav Anafi

Transform text into images and sounds and help your students on their path of becoming independent Hebrew readers

Adir Pelled, Avigail Fischman, Gilat Makmel

Many teachers of Jewish studies in the Diaspora struggle to find relevant teaching resources and adapt their teaching to the world of their students. 

Bye Bye Ba'aya
Eliezer Diena, Orly Lev

Bye Bye Ba’aya takes your high school students on a journey, presenting them with real-life dilemmas and guiding them through the process of solving it, thereby providing them the tools to conquer their own personal challenges.

Israel Unlocked
Rivka Betin, Natania Shwartz

We provide a pedagogical tool that fosters a safe and inclusive environment for Jewish students to engage in meaningful discussions about the modern dilemmas faced by Israel, thereby strengthening their connection to Israel.

Gaming JEWels
Carni Goldberg, Michelle Nachsatz

Infusing Judaism with excitement and fun

Quickly access ready-made digital activities with the touch of a button.

Learn by Interest
Carmia Kotler, Belinda Sharon Medrez Klekner

Learning Hebrew through areas of interest. A product that connects elementary school students in Jewish schools in the Diaspora to learn Hebrew.