Two Accounts of the Creation of Humankind


Why are there two different accounts of the creation of humankind in the opening chapters of Genesis?  How do we account for the inconsistency between the two versions?  Through close reading and analysis of the two creation stories, followed by three philosophical approaches that respond to these questions, and accompanied by engaging discussion questions, learners are provided with the tools to grapple with these complex concepts and perspectives. As a concluding assignment for this unit, students can represent Adam from chapter 1 and Adam from chapter 2 in the artistic medium of their choice.

The learner will:

  1. Understand that the Torah’s two different versions of humankind’s creation present profound questions which great Jewish minds – past and present have tried to address.

  2. Know how the two accounts of the creation of man in the Torah differ, and will how three Jewish commentators approach these differences

  3. Be able to list the differences in the two accounts of creation and to explain which of the philosophical approaches resonates with them and why

When you click on the Jewish Education by Design resource link featured above, you will find the following educational building blocks for the creation of a lesson plan:

  1. Essential questions that get to the “heart” of the learning

  2. A hook/s to open the lesson in an engaging fashion and spark the learners’ curiosity

  3. In depth discussion questions that are designed to elicit conceptual thinking and personal reflections about the featured source/s

  4. Suggested activities that enable the students to both process and apply what was learned in a thought provoking and creative fashion

Student handouts

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