What was life like for German Jewry in the 1930s? How were their daily lives affected? This resource features an interactive presentation in which learners engage with the major political events that impacted German Jews in the 1930’s, and several video clips from the personal testimony of  survivor Zvi Aviram. Alternating between self directed learning and full classroom discussions, students will study this series of events and talk about the ways in which they impacted the Jewish community in Germany.

The learner will:

  1. Understand why many German Jews did not emigrate following the laws canceling their civil rights.

  2. know the various antisemitic legislation that Jews faced in 1930’s Germany

  3. be able to map historical events related to German Jewry in the 1930s on a timeline

When you click on the Yad Vashem resource link featured above, you will find a variety of educational building blocks such as:

  1. An activity section that describes the various learning experiences incorporated into this lesson

  2. A goals statement articulating what students will learn and do in the lesson

  3. Additional information for teachers who wish to expand on the lesson’s content

Computer, projector

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