The Official Poster for Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day 2013


In 2013, the national poster competition, “Designing Memory”, was held to mark Israel’s Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Day. The poster was required to convey the need, as individuals and as a society, to appropriately remember and cope with the dreadful loss caused by the Shoah. The intended message is based on the understanding that for as long as we do not deal with the memory of the Holocaust and the voids it created, we will always be lacking as a people. In this lesson, learners will analyze the winning entry; a poster by Dea Giladi.  What does his design symbolize? How does it impact the viewer?  At the outset of the lesson each student will draw a tree and think about what a tree symbolizes as it relates to individual and family growth and development. Then, using the poster as a jumping off point, students will unpack the symbolism of the rootless, subterranean tree and the messages that it seeks to convey. 

The learner will:

  1. Understand how one can fulfill one’s duty to remember

  2. know the components of the winning poster in 2013 and what they symbolize

be able to brainstorm different ways they can fulfill their duty to remember

When you click on the Yad Vashem resource link featured above, you will find the following educational building blocks for the creation of a lesson plan:

  1. A rationale that articulates why this is an important resource to study

  2. An introduction to the lesson plan

  3. A detailed plan for lesson development

  4. Thought provoking questions that will stimulate classroom discussion

Computer, projector, personal computers for each student (optional)

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