• The main article talks about what a flag means, and how important it is for national pride.


We’ll hear about the history of flags and when they became a national symbol.

The children will learn how Israel’s official flag came to be what we know today – from Herzl’s seven-star flag suggestion to the blue stripes and Star of David.


  • In our special exciting story, we’ll hear about “The Ink Flag,” raised in Eilat in “Operation Uvd,” during the War of Independence. 
  • We’ll become familiar with the phrase “Raise Your Banner and Flag to Zion,” from the song by Noah Rosenblum. This song was composed after the First Zionist Congress, inspired by a verse from the Book of Jeremiah: “Raise a banner over Zion…”
  • Finally, the children can enjoy the Flags Game.


To teach the students the story of Israel’s flag, and help them understand its national importance.

Key periods, events and personalities mentioned in the magazine:

  1. The First Zionist Congress
  2. Benjamin Zev Herzl
  3. The War of Independence (1948)


Link to the news bulletin:

Your #1 news source about the “‘Swords of Iron” War:


Recommended for continued learning:

After getting to know the flag, your students can learn about Israel’s borders.

There’s a magazine on that topic and a relevant news bulletin too.


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