Aliya, Jewish immigration to Israel, is a central Zionist value. But what happens upon arrival? Since Jews from all over the world immigrate to Israel, the state of Israel is simultaneously a melting pot of shared identity and heritage  as well as a mosaic of diverse cultures and traditions. In addition, people make the choice to move to Israel for different reasons, such as ideological, political, or religious. How has this impacted Israeli society? Through research about the different immigrant groups in Israel, this resource gives learners the opportunity to discover the history and traditions of Jews from all over the world, thus enabling them to engage more authentically with the complexities of creating a cohesive Israeli society from a nation of immigrants..

The learners will: 

  1. understand the advantages and challenges of an immigrant dominant society 

  2. know  about many of the points of origin of Jewish immigrants to Israel, as well as their motivations for making aliya

  3. be able to “put themselves in the shoes of a new immigrant to Israel” and be able to articulate their hopes and concerns about adjusting to their new nationality, and how they imagine themselves and their lives  in 5-10 years.

Unpacked for Educators materials include:

  1. An educator’s guide that  contains many rich components. These are organized under the following titles: 

  • review (questions that relate to the video)

  • discussion

  • activities

  • reflection

  • further learning

  1. A video designed to spark interest in the topic.

A lesson plan (link in the attachment above) that incorporates additional building blocks for the construction of an engaging and interactive lesson.

Computer, Projector, Paper

The website link includes a “further learning” section in the educator’s guide.

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