Megilat Esther – Courage in Crisis: Middle School and High School


In this lesson, we will discuss leadership, responsibility, and courage in times of crisis. The students’ study will focus on chapter four in which Esther is empowered to use her unique position to take positive action to help others in a time of danger. Students will meet contemporary Israeli women who have similarly used their unique role or skill to help save and provide for others during the current war in Israel.

• Understand the transformation that Esther made when faced with a moment of crisis.
• Meet two examples of contemporary Israeli women who acted courageously during the current crisis.
• Consider that every person has a unique contribution to make in times of crisis.
• Feel inspired by the courage of women – both biblical and contemporary – to move beyond their personal comfort in order to take an active and vocal stand for what they believe is right.

In the attached PDF, you will find all the explanations about the lesson plan.

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