Ivrit Misaviv La’Olam


Ivrit Misaviv La’Olam (IML) provides a paradigm shift in the teaching of Hebrew to young children in the diaspora. It is a hybrid, dynamic and interactive program that was developed especially for children who are taking their first steps in Hebrew and who live in a non-Hebrew speaking environment. IML enables  educators to create engaging, playful and impactful learning experiences that promote language acquisition in a meaningful learning experience for students.

What makes Ivrit Misaviv La’Olam unique?

  • IML is a proficiency oriented program based on ACTFL Proficiency guidelines which reflect the leading approach in North America and Europe for teaching foreign languages.
  • IML offers Blended or Hybrid Learning – It can be used anywhere, at any time, and from any electronic device. This accessibility allows each school flexibility in teaching according to its needs, and expands the time spent on acquiring Hebrew and beginning reading beyond the time available in the school’s schedule.
  • IML can be used as a stand-alone program or as a supplementary activity
    •  As a stand-alone program, IML is designed as a comprehensive program that incorporates a wide range of topics and skills relevant to young learners, with a focus on interactive and hands-on learning experiences.
    • As a supplementary activity within an existing curriculum or learning environment, IML can be used to enhance specific learning goals and to provide additional engagement opportunities.
  • IML provides teachers guidelines, printables, and suggested activities
    • The guidelines offer strategies and activities for teachers to effectively integrate technology , listening and speaking skills into their language classrooms.
    • Through the guidelines teachers are exposed to the proficiency approach and can create a learner-centered environment that fosters language acquisition and continuous understanding.
    • IML printables and activities (flash cards, board games etc.) address various aspects of language skills, and can be used as in-class activities, home assignments, or learning materials to allow for continuous input activities.
  • Authentic Materials are embedded in each unit
    •  Authentic materials refer to real-world resources that reflect Israeli culture  for young learners. They include songs, stories, art, TV shows, and more, that provide relevant and meaningful learning experiences. All IML resources are carefully selected to ensure that they align with the learning objectives and provide learners with practical insights and applications of Hebrew.

To  learn more about the pedagogy upon which IML is based, see the attachments below.

Computer, Big screen, personal devices for the students (optional) , art supplies, manipulatives (finger puppets, lego figures, posters etc..)

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