Israeli democracy is anything but simple. Many groups with different ideologies must work together and compromise in order to create Israel’s parliament. Who is allowed to form a political party? How does the voting process work and how does a party win an election? This resource provides learners with an opportunity to experience first hand the process of the electoral system while they campaign and hold mock elections in their class.

Lesson Attachments​

The learners will: 

  1. understand the ways in which the Knesset exemplifies democratic principles and values

  2. know how Israeli elections and Knesset coalitions work, and the advantages and disadvantages of this method of government.

  3. be able to create an advertisement, banner and short stump speech for one of the Israeli political  parties on three key issues in Israeli society today

Unpacked for Educators materials include:

  1. An educator’s guide that  contains many rich components. These are organized under the following titles: 

  • review (questions that relate to the video)

  • discussion

  • activities

  • reflection

  • further learning

  1. A video designed to spark interest in the topic.

  2. A lesson plan (link in the attachment above) that incorporates additional building blocks for the construction of an engaging and interactive lesson.

Computer, Projector, Poster Paper, Pens, Paper

The website link includes a “further learning” section in the educator’s guide.

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