Growing Together: Tu BiShvat, Trees, and Healing After Hard Times (Elementary School)


This lesson introduces elementary school students to Tu BiShvat, the Jewish “New Year for Trees,” and its significance in healing and community resilience, particularly following the difficult events of October 7th. Through age-appropriate discussions, storytelling, and interactive activities, students will learn about the importance of trees in nature and how they symbolize strength and recovery after tough times. The lesson culminates in a tree-planting activity to symbolize hope and growth.

  • To understand Tu BiShvat and its connection to nature and healing.
  • To recognize the role of trees in environmental health and as symbols of resilience.
  • To learn about community healing and support after difficult events like those experienced on October 7th.
  • To engage in meaningful activities that promote environmental stewardship and collective recovery.

Essential Questions (Part of Lesson Plan):

  • What can we learn from trees about recovering from tough times?
  • How does celebrating Tu BiShvat help us think about taking care of our world and each other?
  • What can we do to help our community heal after something sad or difficult happens?

Part 1: Introduction to Tu BiShvat (Estimated Time: 15 minutes)

Part 2: Story Time – Trees as Symbols of Strength (Estimated Time: 20 minutes)

Part 3: Discussion on Healing and Community (Estimated Time: 20 minutes)

Part 4: Tu BiShvat Celebration (Estimated Time: 30 minutes)

Part 5: Planting for the Future (Estimated Time: 30 minutes)

  • Age-appropriate storybooks about trees and resilience. (optional, may improvise)
  • Discussion prompts and materials for a Tu BiShvat Seder (fruits, juice).
  • Gardening tools and a small tree or seeds for planting.

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